Saturday, 12 January 2013

Dying Mermaid: Aztec Edition

I have always been completely obsessed with mermaids, the enchanting seemingly dark side of the sea has always been the first thing that has come to mind when the word 'mermaid' has come up in a conversation.
So today's post was definitely inspired by a slightly different mermaid, a girl almost.
I found the aztec shorts were somewhat representive of a mermaids tail with the peplumesque frill. The chain armour was involving an aspect of entrapment.The lace top was just a random addition, looking through the piles of clothing in my wardrobe I tried to find a top with a somewhat scaly look. Lace seemed the perfect material to finish such a fun, quirky outfit and of course no outfit is complete without a pair of Doc Martens.
A fun addition would of course be a pair of crazy leggings with a bright colour, pattern or a animal print such as 'snakeskin' but wearing that in 47 degrees celsius would be a form of suicide.

I hope I helped anyone out there lacking some inspiration.
x kath